time warrner and AOL fraud

Background on the company
Overview of the Questionable Accounting Practices and the Financial Statement Highlights.
One of the main purposes of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 was to make the leadership teams of the different organizations more responsible for their financial data that is released. With this in mind, what involvement did the leadership have in this fraud, if any? If the leadership team was not involved, do you feel they did everything possible to stop untruthful information from being reported as required by the SOX Act?
In this course, we have studied several different types of fraud. What type of fraud do you believe occurred with this company? What evidence supports this type of fraud was committed?
Information on the external auditors hired by the company as it relates to the fraud.
Penalties imposed and/or potential penalties. In addition to the consequences for those directly involved in the fraud, how have the other employees and the community been impacted?
Any attempt by the company to change its actions.
Based on the changes you have identified that organization has added, what additional recommendations do you have for this organization to prevent this fraud from happening again?
Summary and conclusion
A minimum of 5 References and follow APA format.

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