To inform the audience about a group, movement, or situation happening somewhere in the world.

In this speech, you will be analyzing some sort of news story, culture, or group of people from across the world, and presenting your findings in a short, 3-4 minute speech to the class.

Objective: To inform the audience about a group, movement, or situation happening somewhere in the world.

Topics: Acceptable topics include:

– Choosing TWO news stories that are related in some way describing some event taking place in the U.S. or the world. If you do this, you may NOT do the following: advocating for a political party or candidate running for office, advocating a religious stance, or any topics that will result in an -ism (racism, sexism, heterosexism…). Choose something unique, or choose a potential issue facing a group of people.

– You may also choose a co-culture, or discuss a specific group of people, and deliver us a rundown of: what is a basic description of the culture, who are the people involved in the culture, what are their beliefs, attitudes, and values, and what makes them unique (dress? traditions or customs? special celebrations?) You could choose Broncos fans, goths, bronies, bull riders, crossfit athletes, golfers, punks, attachment parenting, etc.- the opportunities here are endless! Just do NOT choose a country (i.e. Canadians, Japanese, etc.)

The goal of the speech is to engage in some basic research and practice citing sources, as well as structuring your speech in a basic outline format.

This speech will be worth 40 points, and will be graded on the following:

– 10 points- outline and research. Full sentence outline completed that follows the outline template guide. Sources are included and APA citations are attempted.

– 6 points- Introduction. Intro contains a strong, engaging attention getter (do NOT introduce yourself or your topic- just jump in!), a thesis statement, and a preview of your main points.

– 15 points- Body and Support. Speech is organized, utilizes transitions between points, and utilizes unique language or audience-centered phrases. A minimum of TWO sources are used in the speech, verbally cited, and are valid sources that add relevant information to the speech.

– 4 points- Conclusion. Conclusion contains a review of main points, summary, and an engaging memorable close. Speech is ended without saying \”That\’s all\” or \”That\’s my speech!\” or \”Thank you!\”

– 5 points- Delivery. Verbal and Nonverbal delivery skills have been practiced. Speaker can be clearly heard and seen via technology, and speaker is engaged with the camera and not notecards or notes. Basic gestures are used, and vocal variety creates a sense of interest or engagement.

– 1 points- Overall impression. Speech meets the assignment objectives and provides a thorough look in 3-4 minutes about a news event or culture. Sources are verbally cited and include the author, title, source, and date of publication.

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