To provide technical on Food Contact Materials to a food manufacturer in USA.

Note: This is a group assignment and my assignment talks about only USA

Topic: To provide technical on Food Contact Materials to a food manufacturer in USA.
Scope: An Irish Food Manufacturer is proposing a new microwavable convenience food, ‘Quick Chick’, aimed at the school lunch market. It will be in a Polypropylene (PP) tub and will be sealed with a Low Density Polypropylene Seal (LDPE) film and a re-sealable Polypropylene clip on lid which will incorporate a collectable plastic toy, (Football Chicks) depicting stars of female soccer teams on the body of a chicken.
In addition, inside the pack will contain a widget which produces CO2 and extends the shelf life of the product. The plastic pack will be wrapped in a recycled paper sleeve upon which will be heating instructions and marketing information.
The manufacturer intends launching the product in the EU, the USA and one other country. Your group is asked to advise him on what would need to be done to ensure that the product is compliant with all the Food Contact Material legislation in each country.

Length: 550 words
Deadline: 1 December

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