topic related to “Human Development and Its Importance in the Counseling Field”.

You may choose any topic within this context, however, the topic must be approved by the instructor by the second week of class. Completed research papers must adhere to APA style guidelines. All references must be dated in the last 5 years (except for acknowledged germinal works.) Non-peer reviewed Internet sources are not acceptable. (i.e. is not a peer reviewed site.) Papers must include a title page, abstract, body and references pages. All references cited in text must be listed on the references page and all listed references must be cited in the body. Papers must be of sufficient length to adequately cover the material researched. When turned in, the paper must be in Microsoft Word 2003 (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Late submission of the electronic copy will result in an automatic deduction of 25 points from the paper’s grade. All research papers are subject to review via Suggestion: Once you decide on a preliminary topic, verify that there is available research material for you to review and draw from BEFORE you request approval of your topic. This will save you considerable time and revisions. Turning the same research paper into more than one class without written approval from both instructors will be considered an attempt to cheat and result in a course grade of zero “0”.

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