Type 2 Diabetes screening

This is for a Public Health Administration & Leadership course final project.ATTACHED ARE THE ACTUAL INSTRUCTIONSLeadership and Strategy Plan• Executive Summary (1 page)• Table of Contents (1 page)• Manuscript (see components list below)The manuscript section of your Final Project will need to address the following components:Introduction (1–2 pages):Select a problem from one of the five problems identified in the Background (Scenario) and match it to one Healthy People 2020 objective (sub-objectives that are measurable). Describe the rationale for selection of this problem and the magnitude of the problem (e.g., incidence, prevalence, impact on communities and society).Strategic Plan (2 pages plus SWOT analysis worksheet, revised from Week 7): Please complete based off of your research. Revisions will be completed at a later dateProgram (2 pages):Leadership Challenges (2 pages):Ethical Implications (0.5–1 page):Engaging Communities and Building Constituencies (1.5–2 pages):Budgeting, Financing, and Human Resources (1–1.5 pages):• Performance Management & Health Informatics (2 pages):Appendices

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