U.S. Pivot to Asia

Analytical Essay:  What are the US assumptions that are driving the “pivot” back to Asia? How do these assumptions tie into a larger understanding of US strategy and strategic culture? How does the US strategy concerning China relate to concepts we have studied concerning international relations, different instruments of national power, and strategic culture? Finally, how should the US manage US-China relations, as well as other Asia-Pacific regional relationships, to avoid misunderstanding and/or conflict?As part of the stated “pivot” back to the Asia-Pacific region, the US has made several formal pronouncements and has increased its level of engagement. Pronouncements include the publication of Air-Sea Battle and the Joint Operating Access Concept. US Department of Defense engagement includes, among other things, the increase of ship visits to Singapore and the “stationing” of Marines in Darwin, Australia. Recent Department of State efforts include the assignment of a permanent Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Secretary Clinton’s visit to the Pacific Islands Forum Meeting in 2012 (the first Secretary of State to do so), and several other interagency activities.

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