Ultrasound and Genetic Amniocentesis

Please used Chapter 10 to answer these questions by numbers
Ultrasound and Genetic Amniocentesis
Anna is a 29-year-old G2 P1 who has just had a 20-week routine anatomy ultrasound. The physician informed her that there were some “soft markers” for Down syndrome and that genetic amniocentesis is available if she wants to have it.
Based upon the case study above, answer the following questions and explain the rationale for each response.
1. Anna decided to go home and discuss the findings with her family. She ultimately decided to have genetic amniocentesis and is back today for that appointment. What are the nursing implications of genetic amniocentesis?

2. The results of the amniocentesis show trisomy 21. After genetic counseling, Anna chooses to continue the pregnancy. How should a nurse help Anna at this time in her pregnancy?

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