Understand what a client may experience when referred to a 12 step program and know how to prepare the client for successful introduction to the program.

12 Step Meeting Paper Guidelines
Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous
Husr 415

Learning Objective:

1. To gain personal experience of a 12 step meeting and how it may help future clients
2. Understand what a client may experience when referred to a 12 step program and know how to prepare the client for successful introduction to the program
3. Gain knowledge of how to make a proper referral to 12 step groups
4. Experience the miracle of hope and recovery for “hopeless” people

12 step meetings are called “self help” programs: In reality the group exists for the primary purpose of maintaining recovery and helping the newcomer; the new participant is usually incapable of helping themselves at the point of initial entry into the 12 step program. To most addicts and alcoholics the AA/NA program is the last house on the block. This means that the addict has tried everything to control the disease and failed. The person has nowhere left to turn and is usually engulfed in a state of bankruptcy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Respect the meeting. Be on time. Do not ask questions until after the meeting. Do not side talk. Do not write during the meeting. Turn your phone off. Relax and be present to the experience.

Document the name, time and address of the meeting you have chosen and how you located the meeting. Meeting schedules are found on line @ OC AA or OC NA.

If you are not going to “identify” as an alcoholic/addict you must choose an “open” meeting. You may attend any meeting, open or closed, if you have a desire to stop drinking/using (tradition 3): A (C) in the directory indicates a closed meeting for alcoholics/addicts only or those who have a desire to stop drinking/using. Students that do not have an alcohol/substance problem are better off going to an open meeting.
You may be asked to say your name. You do not need to explain yourself. (As a student) Relax, stop judging and worrying about being judged..

In your write up address each of the following questions thoroughly:

Pretend you are an addict/alcoholic/codependent attending a meeting your therapist recommended:

1. Describe in detail your feelings driving over to and walking up to meeting place

2. When entering your first meeting put yourself in the mindset of the desperation/shame one must feel to actually admit defeat and seek help from absolute strangers: How difficult is it to take action??? Write about your experience: Did you feel any Fear, shame, anger? Relieved?

3.Show up to the meeting ten minutes early-notice the energy in the room-write about what you experience before the meeting starts. How did the people act toward each other? towards you? How does it feel to not know anyone?

4. Look at the people: are you judging them-looking for how you are not like them? Do they “look” like addicts/alcoholics? Will they think you are one?

5. Pay attention to the readings in the beginning-what is the purpose of the meeting? What is the third tradition??

6. What would it be like if you were suffering from addiction and attending your first meeting: would you be able to share or reach out for help?? What would you say and to whom. Choose someone in the meeting that you would approach. What is it like to think about approaching a stranger with this kind of life issue ( life and death).
7. At the end of the meeting stay for five minutes. What is the energy like? Does anyone talk to you? Help you with literature or offer you a phone number?

8. Write an honest reaction to the meeting. Do you see where it may be helpful to a future client? Did you identify with the people/issues? Was it a negative experience? Were you confused? Remember it takes the average person about 30 days of regular attendance to figure out what the meetings are about and if they would help you change your life.

9.Write a list of questions you have about the program and how/when/why a client may benefit/not benefit from referral to a 12 step group.

10. Address the religious/spiritual component of the program.

Paper should be 3-5 pages. Clearly written with no errors in spelling. You may break the paper into sections that correspond with the guidelines.

**If you have already attended AA/NA find a group that you have never attended.
Debtors Anon, Gamblers Anon, Sex and love addicts, codependent Anon, Sex addicts Anon, Overeaters Anon, Pills Anon.
Human Services 415
12 step meeting Paper (AA/NA)
50 points Possible

All assignments are to be typed: One inch margins, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, cover page and reference page if needed.

1. Well written grammatically correct paper. (10) _______

2. Personal observations, reactions and feelings
Included in write up. (10)________

3. Demonstration of insight into the general concepts
of how twelve step meetings work and serve to
aid recovering individuals maintain sobriety. (10)________

4. Demonstrate empathy for the alcoholic/addict’s
emotional, mental and spiritual state when they are
new to a meeting/recovery. (10)________

5. Demonstrate understanding of how to coach a client
whom you are referring to a 12 step program regarding
what to expect, how to integrate into the program and
how ongoing therapy will enhance their ability to be
successful in recovery. (10)________
Grade : (50)________

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