United Breaks Guitars

VIEW THE ABOVE VIDEO BEFORE COMPLETING ASSIGNMENTRead and study case 3 (pg. 537 – 548)Answer the following questions: Your answers should be substantial. No fluff. 7 – 8 sentences per paragraph. showing that you understand the material.1. Evaluate United\’s response to Dave Carrol\’s video. What did the company do right? What did the company do wrong? Please answer with bulleted comments that include 2 – 3 sentences per bullet..2. Describe a better approach that United could have used in the situation to recover from the poor service to Dave Carroll: Strategies to fix customer problem (answer with bulleted comments that include 2 – 3 sentences per bullet.)3. Describe any personal experience you have had with negative or positive service recovery.4. Why do you think Service Recovery is so important in today\’s market place. (2 paragraphs)Please number each question. Type question single spaced, and answer double spaced. Answer each question thoughtfully, clearly, and completely. A question is substantially answered with 6 – 8 sentences per paragraph or a bullet with 2-3 sentences each. This case offers a great learning experience and is fun based on what the customer did when he did not receive a resolution to his problem. This case exhibits the importance of \”Service Recovery\”.HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO.YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozoTHE VIDEO IS CALLED UNITED BREAKS GUITARSTHE SOURCES IS FROM THE VIDEO AND THE BOOK

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