US Law of Arbitration.Discuss

Dear Writer,
I have a recent case law from The US arbitration that i will upload it for you. Please, do not provide a description of the case facts.

I need form you only to evaluate, analysis and assess the case by answering these questions:

1. Identify the most important issues and problems in other words a statement of the issue or problem posed by the case.

2. What are the arguments in favor of and against each point of view?

3. Which arguments are most persuasive? Least persuasive? Why?

4. Find the unifying significance of these cases beyond their surface character? Why it is significant or why it’s not significant?

5. What might be the consequences of this case to U.S. arbitration law and doctrine?

6. Evaluate the arbitration clause? Identify, whether it is good clause or not and why?

7. Recognize the salient points?

8. Comment on what you find significant, perplexing, and creative

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