US Mexico dairy trade; North American Free Trade Agreement

You are writing a paper about applied international trade to a specific case, Dairy Trade between Mexico and the US, with respect to the NAFTA agreement.So you need data on exports of Dairy productions from Mexico to the US or US to mexico, productivities, GDP, to see which one is more productive (or which one has the comparative advantage). Data on wages in the dairy sector, prices in both countries of dairy products, etc.If you include tables, this should be in the appendix, and it is preferable to summarize the variables in graphs, not in a huge table.There must be the data on dairy exports and imports between two countries.Please review Writing Instruction and the sample papers.You are proving the relation between the dairy exprots of Mexico to the US or viceversa and NAFTA.(I misunderstood the theme of the paper. I was trying to prove a different thing in my paper. So, I have been re-writting my paper all over again. I will attach my outline and my work in progress, which is Final Draft. Final paper are with respect to the Outline Part A, not Part B. I will also attach several references might help you write my paper.

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