Use an intersectional analysis approach to analyze the identity and power in ones own life and the life of others.

The purpose of this assignments is to provide you with the opportunity to use an intersectional analysis approach to analyze the identity and power in ones own life and the life of others.
A memoir is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge. The memoir project allows you to consider how we remember and portray race, class, sexuality, and other categories of social identities through narrative.
This assignment asks you to consider your own social identity and location within society as well as social identities, and locations that are not your own. It also asks you to analyze the institutions in the story using an inter sectional framework
You will select a memoir to review from a selected list or you can propose a title to me.
Using the memoir Between the World and Me by Coates Ta-neihisi , and applying an intersectional analysis of social constructions of identity and power, write a 7-9 page essay, which analyzes the social identity of the main character and yourself as well as the institutions which have shaped their lives
In your analysis, you must integrate 7-9 readings from the Race,Class, & Gender An Anthology by Margaret L.Andersen & Patricia Hill Collins
Your paper will be evaluated based on level of critical thinking and use of the memoir and assigned readings to support your analysis.
The paper should be 7-9 pages in length. This does not include your title or reference page. There should be no additional spacing between paragraphs.
Papers should be formatted in 6th edition APA format. Links and sample reference and title pages can be found in the Other Helpful Course Information folder.
My expectation is that each paper will be double spaced typed pages in length (in times new roman font, 12 point with 1 inch margins) .

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