Steps to Follow to Complete Assignment

Open a new WORD document and format it for APA style: Times New Roman 12 font, double-spacing. Create your page 1, the cover page.
Copy the topic sentence and support points from the box in your assignment page to page 2 of your new WORD document. SAVE.
Find the resources if you did not save them from the References assignment. The resources are also listed on the assignment page.You need the full text of each article. You may want to print the articles to better read them and to find relevant evidential material.
Read each source to find the supporting evidential material for each support point. One effective way to read efficiently is to think of each support point as a question. What are the drug manufacturers doing about drug shortages? What are the different levels of government in Canada doing about drug shortages? What are front-line professional staff doing about the drug shortages?
Find the answers to your questions and mark the passages. You may want to identify which question a passage belongs to by numbering it 1,2,3, or highlight the text in an identifying colour, so it is easy to find the material again without rereading the whole article.
You now start to create your written quotations for your paragraph. You need one direct quotation that has to follow the rules of usage [See last weeks notes]. You need to properly cite the source in text [ See Section 3 Cites & Sources],and write an explanation or bridge that connects the direct quotation [dont forget the quotation marks] to the point that the material is supporting. Insert the finished material into the paragraph in your WORD document. Delete the [Insert supporting evidential material here.] wording and replace it with your direct quotation, your citation, and your explanatory material. SAVE.
You need four indirect quotations or paraphrases. Follow the guidelines from last weeks notes and videos. If you have several passages from one article supporting the same point, meld that information together in your own words to create one indirect quotation. [Caution: A costly mistake people frequently make is if information supporting a point is on a different page of a source document, they treat it as if it were a separate indirect quotation–].
Delete the [Insert supporting evidential material here.] wording and replace it with your indirect quotation/paraphrase and your citation. Make sure that your paraphrase smoothly connects to the support point in phrasing. The paraphrase material should clearly give evidence to support the point. Clearly state the connection. Do not make your reader guess what it is you are trying to say or mean. SAVE.
Read the paragraph through and make sure that there are no sentences that are off topic. Make any changes. SAVE.
Check very carefully your spelling, sentence structure, grammar. Do not rely on spell-check to pick up all your errors. Make any changes. SAVE.

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