Write a short paper in response to the prompt below. Papers should be double-spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font and no longer than 1500 words total. must be submitted through Blackboard using TurnItIn. Your assignment will be evaluated based on your 1) grasp of the key ideas under consideration, 2) the clarity of your thesis, and 3) how well you provide reasons to support your thesis.Does utilitarianism threaten individual rights? What if the total of the pain caused by sacrificing the civil rights of a few is less than the total of the pleasure derived as a result by the many?John Stuart Mill tried to rebut the objection that utilitarianism cannot account for individual rights. He argued that far from being in tension with individual rights, the principle of utility was actually the justification for protecting rights. Mill believed that protecting individual rights is the best way to increase the sum of happiness in the long run. Was Mill right in your opinion? Either way, consider to what extent the promotion of overall utility should be the reason why we should not violate people’s basic rights.

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