Vietnam War

Did the United States armed forces discover elements of a strategy that, if combined, might have secured American objectives at an acceptable cost? Please highlight thesis statement. Thesis statement should be a direct answer to the question. Use only sources that I upload to use. Please use specific page numbers and author or document. Paraphrase or reword, try not to use quotations. Please avoid plagiarism! Write that paper without first person, no “I” or “we.” Paper layout. 1. Intro (1-2 paragraphs) a. thesis answer to question. b. Please outline supporting arguments to be explained in body 2. Body (5-6 pages) develop argument (2-3 points) show arguments, don’t tell 3. Counter to thesis or counter argument (1 page) this is an important section that needs to be carefully developed. pick either a. or b. a. attack thesis, point out a counter-argument to the thesis b. Counter-factual, present an alternate to the thesis (or they could have done this) ex. No the US did not discover a strategy that would have won. Why? 4. Conclusion (1 paragraph) what do we get out of this. Let me know if you have any questions

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