W5A1-Epid & Applied Healthcare Statistics

1. Using HCUPnet http://hcup.ahrq.gov/Go to Select National Statistics for All StaysConduct a combined query of HIV patients for length of stay, number of discharges and hospital charges (click \”next\”)Select lay person/data noviceGo to \”Trends\”Select DRG w/o other related conditions (you may type HIV in the search box to minimize the search outcomes)What does this information infer about HIV patients between 1993 and 2009 as it relates to the conditions above (length of stay, discharges, and hospital costs)? Provide a narrative describing what you have discovered using this data.2. Develop a research question using your query. If you were to conduct a study to investigate your research question, would the data you collect be classified as qualitative or quantitative? Explain

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