What are the main reasons that social class matters to Americans today?Explain

an ANALYTICAL and ARGUMENTATIVE essay that answers the following question: what are the main reasons that social class matters to Americans today?

Six mandatory paragraphs:
• Introduction
• Argument paragraph with quotes from the book Class Matters.
• Analysis paragraph
• Second argument paragraph with quotes
• Compare/contrast paragraph
• Conclusion

—–Each paragraph MUST have topic sentence (Subject and claim)—-

CITATIONS: Any time you mention information from Class Matters, you MUST cite that information at the end of the sentence—even if you did not use the exact wording.

Read Chapter 1,2,6, and 7
Then, use the quote from only these Chapters for argumentative paragraphs:
Chapter (1) Shadowy Lines That Still Divide
Chapter (2) Life at the Top in America Isn’t Just Better, It’s Longer
Chapter (6) The College Dropout Boom
Chapter (7) No Degree, and Now Way Back to the Middle

—-See the attached file— Class Matters

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