What are the most useful aspects of communication .

In this final forum, you will reflect on what you have learned in this course.
1 .Compose a brief (250 words or fewer) response to the following questions:

◦ What were the most useful aspects of communication that you learned in this course?
◦ How will this course influence how you approach your next communication project at work?
◦ What new skills or knowledge will you carry forward into the next phase of your career?

2. Respond substantively to the postings of at least two of your peers.

Peer’s reflection:
1. The most useful aspect of communication that I learned in this course was within one of the first assignments about audience. I think it is useful to understand who your reader is and how they will comprehend your writing, no matter if it is in an educational or professional setting. When writing, I think I usually assume that the reader has all of the information at hand to understand my document. This is not always the case, and I will take that into consideration going forward. I will definitely be thinking about the audience/reader more during my next communication project at work. I believe that will help my writing and communication be more understandable to my peers. This will be a skill that I will take forward in my career.

2. While I initially was very confident in my writing skills coming into this class, being forced to write an analytical report was very advantageous. It was good experience to communicate professionally learning how to properly setup an analytical report. I feel like I’ve definitely gotten better at breaking down problems, determining what forms of research would be most advantageous, and visually organizing information to clearly communicate it to your audience. I also improved on keeping up with developing and working on a report over time rather than last minute putting everything together. As a result of this class, in future work settings I will be able to more easily attack and analyze problems and if needed, can formulate a clear analytical report. I learned a lot about workplace communications through writing in this class and through my report researching how to increase project workflow and communication in the workplace. This will be very valuable to ensure I am helping my teams at work to better effectively communicate.

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