What are the qualifications for the job that should be considered for both applicants?

Read following prompt then answer three questions in a detailed manner using sources.

Charles and Nancy both apply for the assistant front- office manager position at a 300- room upscale hotel. Charles has worked for a total of eight years in three different hotels and has been with this hotel for three months as a front- office associate. Initially, he had a lot of enthusiasm. Lately, however, he has been dressing a bit sloppily and his figures, cash, and reports have been inaccurate. In addition, he is occasionally rattled by demanding guests. Nancy recently graduated from college with honors, with a degree in hospitality management. While attending college, she worked part- time as a front desk associate at a budget motel. Nancy does not have a lot of experience working in a hotel or in customer service in general, but she is quite knowledgeable as a result of her studies and is eager to begin her career. It appears that Charles would be considered a prime candidate for the office manager position because of his extensive experience in other hotels and his knowledge of the hotel’s culture. In view of his recent performance, however, the rooms division manager will need to sit down with Charles to review his future career development track.

Discussion Questions

1. What are the qualifications for the job that should be considered for both applicants?

2. How should the discussion between the rooms division manager and Charles be handled? Make specific recommendations for the rooms division manager.

3. Who would be the better person for the job? Why?

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