What are the values of the people in the foreign market?Explain



New Balance footwear manufacturer is located in the US. You are currently investigating the options of moving your manufacturing facilities to the lower cost region of South American and South Asian country.  You have narrowed your choices down to two options: Brazil and Bangladesh.


Both countries have lower labor costs than US, but there are also issues associated with each country. In this project you will assess the pertinent issues surrounding this proposed change, including:

  • Length of time between order and delivery
  • Access to distribution channels
  • Country-specific political considerations
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Other social, cultural, economic, political and international considerations and issues
  • SWOT analysis
  • Internationalize Strategy (entry strategy, price strategy, etc)


You may consider these key questions to address in your paper

  1. Who in the foreign market uses the product/ will be using the product?
  2. In what ways are these consumers similar to and different than domestic consumers?
  3. How can this product be incorporated into the foreign market’s lifestyle?
  4. What are the values of the people in the foreign market?
  5. Does the market accept foreign ideas?
  6. What cross-cultural trends are important?
  7. How much disposable income do foreign consumers have?
  8. What Entry strategy do you suggest that New Balance should have used? (for example: Foreign manufacturing/ for local distribution; Foreign subsidiary; Management contract)
  9. What recommendations would you make to New Balance? Local spending habits and preferences


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