What are three things that can be done to improve in each leadership practice?

In Chapter 11 (see slides), we learned about the Leadership Challenge and that leaders are at their best when they practice 5 behaviors (http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/About-section-Our-Approach.aspx):

Model the Way
Inspire a Share Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart
Based on the above behaviors, answer the required question and 1 from the other 2 options. You will answer 2 questions in total.


1.)What are three things that can be done to improve in each leadership practice? What are some applications of these to your own leadership development?
Choose 1 from the 2 options below

2.)Model the Way: Who are your role models? Their characteristics? What have you learned from them? Have they always been positive?
3.)Enable Others to Act: Think of a time when you felt powerful and a time when you felt powerless as a result of what someone said or did. Describe specifically what the person said or did in each situation. What was the effect on your emotional state? Your morale? Your performance? Summarize the implications for leaders of making people feel powerful or powerless.
You are required to write your thoughts (at least 150 words). Each post will be evaluated for strictly adhering to the directions and demonstrating critical thinking skills. Make sure to include references from course materials.

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