What background information should teachers use in order to help students understand the historical/cultural/social context?Explain

For your final project, you have three options, but, in essence the same assignment. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

For each option-
⦁ Go beyond the class discussions and develop a theme from a text or group of texts which interest you. You might choose to work with the same topic from your midterm paper or you decide to do something completely different.

⦁ You must develop an original, definite argument/purpose for each project.
⦁ If you are writing a research paper, you must have a sustained thesis.
⦁ If you are writing a teaching plan, you must have succinct vision for how the text should be taught and provide reasoning for why teachers should present the texts in the way you suggest.
⦁ Everything must be presented neatly and organized: Finish with flourish!

⦁ You must also employ at least 5 secondary sources.

Here are your options:

Research Paper: Complete an original, researched essay on a text or group of texts from the course list. If you choose to revise your midterm, you must accomplish a substantive revision (i.e. it can’t be the same old paper with the research added). It must be refocused and re-presented. 8-10 pages.

Teaching Unit: Design a teaching unit around a text, a theme, an author, or a group of texts. The teaching unit requires an annotated bibliography of resources for teachers. Scope out teaching resources and books for how a teaching plan/unit looks and reads. You might also think of it as a case study on an author, text(s) or theme where you pin point key issues, passages, concepts, discussion questions for teachers. For example, you might prepare a teaching unit on “The Portrayal of Teenage Males in the 1950-1960s” by asking:
⦁ What background information should teachers use in order to help students understand the historical/cultural/social context?
⦁ What activities would be productive for learning a concept or a key part of the text?
⦁ What are some resources that you would recommend for teachers?
⦁ What are some key passages and discussions questions that would help illustrate important points for the text? (min 8 pages-max 20 pages)

Creative Project: Prepare a short story or series of poems that respond to issues and/or texts we have discussed in the course.
⦁ 8-10 pages (you are allowed to combine forms such as poetry and prose)
⦁ Demonstrate your knowledge of any source/background material that takes precedence within your short story/poem series (i.e. history, news stories, time period, culture that you draw on within the story/poems). Cite sources that inspired your story/poems.
⦁ Preface your project with a reflective narrative explaining your objectives (along with any key issues or terms you feel are central to your project). How does this project respond to questions posed in the course (identity, nation, maturity, etc.)?

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