What class of disease do you feel currently poses the largest health threat? Explain

Part A:What class of disease do you feel currently poses the largest health threat?

Thoroughly describe why you feel this way. Provide two (2) supporting facts.

How has the impact of this disease changed in the last 50 years? Provide two (2) supporting facts.

Part B:From that class of diseases, choose one disease and answer the following questions:


What causes the disease?

What are the signs of the disease?

What are the symptoms of the disease?

How is it diagnosed?

Can the disease be prevented? If so, how?


What treatment options are available? Describe two (2) options.

What is the prognosis for the patient? Provide one (1) supporting fact.

What do epidemiology studies of that disease show? Provide one (1) example.

What effect does this disease have on the bodys homeostasis? Provide one (1) supporting fact.

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