What distinguished Homo sapiens from Homo neanderthalis in Europe and Homo erectus in Asia?

Your paper should be no longer than 3-4 pages in length (exclusive of notes, bibliography, and illustrations). Include copies or drawings as numbered illustrations, cited in the proper order they are used in the text. These should be attached to the end of the paper after the bibliography and they must include captions. Use your text and the recommended on-line resources as well as your class notes. Selected books and relevant articles can be found in the main university library as well. All sources utilized must be properly cited in a bibliography.








Papers must be printed, double-spaced, on 8 x 11 white typing paper, with at least a 1 margin on all sides including bibliography and captions. Be sure that your name is on the front below the title of the piece. Be sure to proof-read your paper carefully before you turn it in. Part of your grade will be based on neatness, organization, grammar, spelling, and overall ability to communicate your thoughts. Use a dictionary and a thesaurus.

You must write on the assigned topic unless you clear an independent project with me first.

When and where did Homo sapiens originate? Describe some of the earliest examples of the species that have been discovered. When and how did they spread across the various continents of the world. What distinguished Homo sapiens from Homo neanderthalis in Europe and Homo erectus in Asia? What theories explain the disappearance of these earlier species? What were the major adaptational strategies that enabled Homo sapiens to spread into so many different parts of the world? What qualities differentiate Homo sapiens within the species today? When did Homo sapiens enter the western hemisphere and from where? Discuss the different theories. When did Homo sapiens first start to organize permanent settlements and where. What major changes in technologies enable them to create permanent settlements and why. What advantages did agriculture offer Homo sapiens populations? What are the drawbacks?

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