What do you think would be the key disadvantages Emirates SkyCargo may envisage?

Assume you are a senior executive with Airbus and that the company has decided to build a new Vertical and Short Take Off and Landing (V/STOL) aircraft designed specifically to carry cargo. Not only could it be used to carry cargo by commercial airlines but it could also be used by the military. The aircraft would have the advantage of flying faster than helicopters, and carrying heavier loads, but still have the benefit of operating to and from restricted spaces. It is also being designed to handle standard 20ft containers, thereby reducing handling time and costs when transferring cargo from one mode of transport to another.
The new aircraft is code named APL20, the abbreviations referring to the words Airbus Power Lifter, and the 20 representing the maximum payload of 20 tonnes.
The company believes there is huge potential for this type of aircraft, particularly in those countries with developing economies and limited infrastructure. The aircraft could be used for transporting large loads to areas with difficult terrain and to remote locations which have limited access by other modes of transport. The aircraft could also be used for carrying aid to disaster zones and military equipment to war zones.
The company has just completed the building of a state of the art, dedicated assembly plant in Toulouse, France, and the first aircraft is expected to be available for commercial use in 3 years after test flights have been successfully completed. Several factories across Europe will be involved in manufacturing components for the aircraft.
You have been appointed by Airbus as the Sponsor of the APL20 project from the commencement of the assembly at the new assembly plant until the first commercial flight.
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Task 1: PROJECT SCOPE (30 marks)
One of your first tasks as the Project Sponsor is to host a meeting with a number of senior representatives from major international airlines which operate cargo services. Also present will be officials from various governments who have an interest in both civil and military transport. The purpose of the meeting is to brief them on the APL20 with a view to generating interest in potential orders of the aircraft.
Discuss some of the key issues that you would include in your presentation which would enable those attending the presentation to gain a better understanding of the scope of the project.
Task 2: A Risk Assessment (25 marks)

Before commencing the project it would be necessary to carry out a Risk Assessment.

Specify five risks.

Outline the action you would take to minimize each risk.
Outline the contingency plans you would have with regard to each risk.

Task 3: MILESTONES (10 marks)

Specify what you would consider to be 5 key milestones within the project.

Task 4: THE APL 20 AND EMIRATES SKY CARGO (15 marks)

Since Emirates SkyCargo relocated its operations from Dubai International Airport to Al Maktoum International Airport this has resulted in the need to transfer huge volumes of cargo between the two airports in order that consignments can meet connecting flights to their final destination.

Currently, Emirates SkyCargo uses a fleet of 45 articulated trucks to undertake approximately 150 trips every 24 hours. This is one of the operational difficulties which occur when a city operates a new airport in parallel with an existing airport and, needless to say, it is important that these transfers are made in a timely manner.

If Emirates SkyCargo was to consider using one or more APL20s to support this cargo transfer operation, in addition to the trucks already used, what key benefits do you think your aircraft could offer Emirates SkyCargo? Also, what do you think would be the key disadvantages Emirates SkyCargo may envisage?
Conclusion and Recommendations

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