What facial expressions do people use and how are they linked to emotions?Explain

What facial expressions do people use and how are they linked to emotions? Are they universal across all cultures? How do they develop? Are microfacial expressions useful in the detection of hidden emotions and lying? How does overall body language influence our perception of ourselves and other individuals?

I. Content
Introduce the topic of choice; Define key terms
Discuss the topic fully based on the description above
Review 5-8 scientific articles with in-text citations
After fully discussing the literature and findings, conclude with future lines of research and a global sense of the topic

II. Organization
Clear, specific introduction that explains the purpose of the paper
Clear explanation of relevant literature
Thoughtful conclusion that goes beyond repetition of main points
Effective topic sentences
Fully developed, unified paragraphs
Use sub-sections to discuss sub-topics.

III. Grammar and Mechanics
Consistent/appropriate use of present and past tenses
Avoidance of sentence fragments and run-on sentences
Proper subject-verb agreement
Correct punctuation
Correct grammar
Correct spelling
Appropriate integration of quotations (Only 1 allowed in entire paper)

IV.APA format
Font, Text Size
In-Text Citations – Format
Title page

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