What has the Obama administration done to change the act that was passed under the Bush administration?Explain

Module 13: Discussion Instructions
By now, you should read the chapter of the book We The People. The Essential Edition (10th). . For this discussion activity, By now, you should have listened read the chapter, taken and quiz, and participated in the discussion. For this assignment activity, This is your discussion You must choose and respond to ONE of the questions (chosen by you) from 1 through 3. Then, find at least one post by one of your classmates with whom you disagree and post your polite response. In other words, I expect 2 posts – 1 response to a question chosen from to 1-3 and one comment on your classmates post.
1. Please, look at the additional materials pertaining to the national debt issue. Based on these, and any additional research that you care to make, what is the nature of the national debt and solutions to national debt? Why does Michael Hudson think that “public debt is not an issue?”
2. Please, look at additional materials about educational policy. Why has No Child Left Behind become a controversial policy? What has the
Obama administration done to change the act that was passed under the Bush
administration?  What is the nature of ESSA and do you support it or not? What policy solutions do you support with respect to public education?

3. Look at additional materials pertaining to healthcare issue. Do you have health insurance? Are
you satisfied with your coverage? Over 13 percent of American citizens have
no health insurance. Do you think access to health care ought to be a basic
right?  If so, how would you go about guaranteeing it? Generally, what do you think, what solutions should be adopt to the health care issue.
Discussion Expectations and Grading Criteria
I expect at least one-two paragraphs per answer.
Module 13: Assignment Instructions
1) Please, choose one public policy area out of the following:
1) National debt
2) Education
3) Health care
Examine (do your research on the internet) what policy stances on the chosen issue have been adopted by the following Presidential candidates:
1) Bernie Sanders – https://berniesanders.com/issues/
2) Hilary Clinton – https://www.hillaryclinton.com
3) Donald Trump – https://www.donaldjtrump.com/
4) Ted Cruz https://www.tedcruz.org/index.html
Another website where you can study policy stances of all the candidates is “on the issues” http://www.ontheissues.org/default.htm
Summarize their respective positions. Which one do you personally support and why? If you do not support any of these perspective, and support the position of another presidential candidate, please, tell me what position do you support and which (if any) of the Presidential candidates supports this position.
2) Please, tell me what is the muddiest (most interesting or unclear) point of the chapter.
Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria
At least one paragraph per question, clearly based on your research and the chapter readings/module materials.

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