What is American Giants Business model and what is important to them?Explain.

For the American Giant Assignment I want you to read the following article. It is from a couple of years ago but it creates a good situation for discussion.

http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2013/03/american_giant_hoodie_the_only_problem_with_the_world_s_greatest_sweatshirt.html ()

For your reference you can also take a look at the American Giant website. here is a link to their “why we are here” page. As you can remember from class i have talked a lot about how companies need to decide who they are and where the focus will be as this can help them when new situations arise.

http://www.american-giant.com/why-were-here.html ()

Put yourself back in December 2013, and from this article you can see that American Giant is faced with challenges and questions in many of the areas we have talked about in class including forecasting, manufacturing, outsourcing, and customer relations.

In your own words please answer the following questions:

What is American Giants Business model and what is important to them? (who are they and what are they trying to be in the market?)
How do you think American Giant should address their inability to produce as much as they need to meet market demand and what tradeoffs would they have to make? (e.g. increase capacity, outsource, not fill orders, etc.)
What would you recommend American Giant should do from a Customer Relationship Management Perspective?
You should put yourself in December of 2013. I realize you can look and find out what they did but that it not the point of the assignment. There is no right answer, only well or poorly reasoned arguments for your point of view.

Hopefully this all makes sense. As far as length goes i am less concerned with that than i am with quality. If you are adding a lot of content that doesn’t advance your argument then that will actually work against you. If it is short to the point where you leave out important things that will as well. It should be formatted as answers to the three questions, but there should be cohesion between all three (your answers should be consistent with each other in terms of an overall strategy, what you answer/recommend in one might impact another).

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