What is Brutus’ opposition to a Federal Constitution and does he make a convincing argument?

You will be analyzing and interpreting two primary sources (Anti Federalist – Brutus & Federalist– Madison) relating to the debate over the ratification of the United States Constitution. Write a short argumentative essay addressing one of the prompts listed. Your conclusions must be backed up by evidence taken directly from the documents. Any argument must be supported with words taken directly from the sources. You may incorporate secondary sources to reinforce your thesis, but do not rely solely on these sources for your interpretation and analysis.The essay is designed to teach you how to write (and think) like a historian. It will require you demonstrate your understanding of the document(s), and your ability to think critically about the past using primary and secondary sources to support your argument. Please start working on the essay well in advance of the due dates. Essays should be a minimum of 3 full pages (not 2 full pages and a single paragraph on 3rd page) with a maximum of 5 pages, not including a mandatory title page. The papers should be constructed as a Word document, double-spaced, typed using 12- point font with citations using footnotes. No bibliography is needed.

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