What is ICANN policy?Explain

The link at hand that will be discussed is ICANN’s “policy” link webpage.  This page is a very informational page about ICANN and their operational policies and what they mean.  Items that are discussed are this link are: ICANN policy explanation, how policy is developed, ICANN supporting organizations, ICANN advisory committees, pre-conference presentations and more.  The mission statement of the ICANN Policy webpage is this: “A fundamental part of ICANN’s Mission is to coordinate policy development related to the Internet’s system of unique identifiers.  We employ open and transparent policy development mechanisms that promote well-informed decisions based on expert advice, and in collaboration with entities most affected by policy development.”
What is ICANN policy?  According to the webpage, it is “formal policies related to the global internet’s system of unique identifiers, operational policies, and general practices.”  On the page, ICANN’s system of unique identifiers or their DNS policy are developed through formal policy development processes.  The next thing ICANN does is it breaks down their operational policy definition.  The policies define how ICANN operates as an organization.
ICANN develops its policy by using groups called Supporting Organizations and they are overseen and influenced by groups called Advisory Committees.  And each Supporting Organization has its own specific policy development process.  All of these groups are consisted of volunteers across the world.

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