What is the best view for overcoming the problem of epistemological skepticism?

The argument is: What is the best view for overcoming the problem of epistemological skepticism? and Is Rationalism, Empiricism, or some other option the best choice? (Explain and defend one of the views concerning how we gain knowledge).
I need an outline with the paper. Here is what the outline will need:
1) Strong thesis statement (the conclusion to the argument)
2) A list of your argument’s premises in the order you intend to present them.
3) An objection to your argument (explanation needed)
4) The reply you intend to use to overcome the objection (explanation needed)

The essay part:
1) Four pages
2) Needs to have clear thesis which will serve as the conclusion to your argument (explain why you think your view is correct)
3) Thesis come near the beginning of the paper. (preferably at the end of the opening paragraph)
4) Several clear premises that are meant to directly to support your conclusion
5) Strong objection to your own argument
6) Need to convincingly respond to the objection

premise and conclusion need sentences that can either be true or false
premise supported by individual facts but the premise itself cannot be an individual fact, it has to be a claim.

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