What is the greatest economic challenge facing the arts today?Explain

Essay Instructions – Economics and the Arts
Write an original 600- to 750-word essay, addressing the following three questions:
 What is the greatest economic challenge facing the arts today?
 What has been proposed to overcome this situation?
 How effective do you think this solution could be in the short-run and the long-run and why?

Title your essay with an appropriate and engaging title that will signal your reader what’s being discussed.

Specific examples and Critical Thinking Skills Demonstrated: Include at least one specific example to illustrate your points. In your narrative, be sure to demonstrate clearly why this example is appropriate. You could use this example as the vehicle for your discussion. A well-chosen example is more likely to engage your reader than theoretical discourse without the connecting illustration. Don’t leave any “loose threads” in your discussion unless this is the nature of the situation and you state this clearly.

Perspective and Bibliography: While this is to be written from your point of view, using information and ideas from this course and other experience you possess, you need to either quote verbatim or use information from at least one outside source to support your points and build credibility with the reader. You will cite this source in a bibliography. Bibliographic references are not part of the basic word count for this assignment. Any verbatim quotes must be indicated as such.

Word Count: Write to meet the word count requirement. This will help insure sufficient depth and breadth in your narrative.

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