What levels of lead were actually found in the blood of adults and children?

The Flint water crises have been in the news for several weeks. The news media has reported many things about the quality of the water. One of the biggest concerns is the amount of lead in the drinking water. The media has interviewed numerous persons regarding the effects of lead on the adults and children. The media has reported a wide range of effects. Recently, there are reports that the water may have caused a high number of cases of Legionaires disease. Your assignment is to read as many of the news media articles as you would like so that you understand the claims that are being made. Next, go to scientific resources and research the facts. Using a Word File, write a brief summary of what you have found that covers the issues shown below. Follow the format shown. Keep the summary to a maximum of two pages single-spaced with 12 point font size. Be thorough but concise.

Format: You must follow the format shown below using the bolded words as headings.

Introduction: What is the problem and the extent of the problem? Is everyone in the city affected? If not, which residents or how many residents are affected? What are the accusations? What are the alleged symptoms and effects? Why is the issue so emotional?

Read as many news and media articles as you would like.

Facts: What levels of lead were actually found in the blood of adults and children? How much has been found in the water? (Note: the media tends to report only the maximum found).

What are the legal lead levels according to OSHA in air and blood? What are the EPA recommended safe levels for water and air?

What are the safe or recommended levels for children?

What are the effects of lead on adults and the levels that produce those effects include symptoms? You must include the target organ or system.

What are the effects of lead on children and the levels that produce those effects include symptoms? Target organ and symptoms?

Include answers to these questions. Does lead cause Legionaires disease? Does lead cause immune system effects?

Conclusions: What are the real problems and the extent? You must explain why you come to your conclusions.

References: All references related to facts and data must be from scientific peer-reviewed sources.

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