What theories/philosophies or concepts are relevant and useful in analyzing and understanding the phenomena described in the cases or news stories given?

Per each module, you are required to i) read the cases provided on ANGEL, ii) reflect on the information in the cases, iii) find a common thread (i.e., a concept, a theory, a philosophy or a combination of them), iv) organize the cases/examples around the common theme, and v) write up your organized, informed not emotional assessment report. You should avoid vague statements: although you may have an idea that seems to be obvious to other people or classmates, you should express the idea in a more concrete and explicit manner using specific examples or evidence that is, the cases you read. Leaving things to readers interpretation should not be a good or effective writing because it is utmost important to clearly present your own ideas and interpretations in this assignment

Specifically reference some concepts/theories dealt with in the coursework.
Use relevant cases/examples and source citations to substantiate your main idea. Proper citation using a recognizable referencing system is required.

your write-ups should include the answers to the following questions:

1) What theories/philosophies or concepts are relevant and useful in analyzing and understanding the phenomena described in the cases or news stories given?
2) What particular question(s) can be raised or answered by the cases or news stories concerning media systems?
3) What presumptions/myths about media systems are affirmed or rejected by the cases or news stories?
other resourse
1) Either consult additional references secondary reliable sources that inform the arguments expressed in your writings or interview experts primary sources; this can include PSU professors who are knowledgeable about the subject matter. This action underlines further investigation and expansion of sources.
2) Dig up and reference similar cases that further expand your understanding of the issue underscored by the assigned cases. This action stresses comparison.
3) Use cumulative understanding across all cases in a module or across modules to enhance the quality of assessment presented in your reflection paper. This action underscores transfer of learning across cases/modules.
4) Provide citations and references strictly following the APA style below. This action trains you to provide citations and references in academic writing.
Added on 20.04.2016 17:19
Hi, the first 4 files are what we taught in class and include this link.http://countrystudies.us/south-korea/73.htm
I also attached last essay you wrote and professor\”s comment on it in order let to have an idea about what she wants. and last 3 files are what we need to analyze. Thank you
Added on 20.04.2016 17:33
please do not summarize those cases

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