What were the principal social effects of the Black Death in late medieval Europe? Is the plague overrated? To what extent was the black death a period of ‘creative destruction?

Research paper Due December 10 by 11:59 pm Length: 10-15 pages The research paper will be on a topic of your choosing based on a theme or issue that arises in assigned course readings and/or lectures. You may clear your topic by contacting me via email: or by speaking to me during office hours or after class. Feel free to consult with me early and often! You must consult at least one primary source and six secondary sources (books and/or articles in scholarly journals) for this assignment. If you find a subject that interests you in one of the readings, check its bibliography for references to related works on the topic. If libraries do not have what you are looking for, remember that you can order books from other libraries through . Be sure to plan ahead as this may take several days

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