What’s the Difference Between Analysis and Summary?

Layout: Use MLA format for the body of your essay and for your works cited page. Refer to the handouts in the MLA module in Canvas if you need a refresher. Failure to use MLA format for the body of your essay will severely impact your grade.
Purpose: As noted above, I want to assess your writing, your analytical skills, and your MLA formatting skills. The assignment also requires you to do minimal research so that you can quote one outside source.
WARNING: DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE CHAPTER IN THIS PAPER. You must analyze/discuss a certain detail (or details) that interest you. Focus on a narrow aspect of the chapter. If your essay is nothing but summary, you will receive a zero for the assignment. If you’re struggling to find a topic for this short paper, take another look at the Reading Response guidelines for suggestions.
What’s the Difference Between Analysis and Summary?
ANALYSIS is examination, evaluation, dissection, interpretation, original opinion, reading between the lines, connecting to other knowledge, etc. It is the goal of most expository essays. The analyzer starts with a quotation or question and uses it to show his/her understating and interpretation.
SUMMARY is recapitulation, review, retelling a story or scene without original thoughts or interpretations. Summary is not the goal of expository essays. It is usually easier than analysis because it requires less thought. Assume that the reader of your essay knows the story and needs just the slightest reminder.
Strive for 90% interpretation and 10% summary in your expository writing.

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