When estimating size for software projects, explain what is meant by “size?”

Questions for Understanding… Please type thorough answers directly below each question.

Chapter 10 Questions– Software Size and Reuse Estimating

(xxx / 2 points)When estimating size for software projects, explain what is meant by “size?”[pages 305-309]
(xxx / 2 points)Many reasons are given on pages 310-311 that help explain why it is difficult to estimate the size of software projects. Based on your understanding of project management expectations and your previous experiences, which of the reasons listed do you think contribute the most to the difficulty?
(xxx / 2 points)What are some typical risksassociated with estimating size for software projects? Explain each.
(xxx / 2 points) Consider the suggestions to mitigate the risks associated with estimating size, according to your textbook as found on pages 311-312. As a future project manager, which of the suggestion(s) would you make a priority as a project manager, and why? Can you think of any other ways to mitigate risk when estimating software size?
(xxx / 2 points)Consider Figure 10-2 on page 312. Explain the significance of the y-axis range from 0.25x to 4x. Describe what else the figure tells us.
(xxx / 2 points)In general, what tasks for a software project must be completed before estimates of software size can be developed?[pages 313-314]
(xxx / 2 points)What does KLOC and SM mean? How do they relate to software size estimating?
(xxx / 2 points)Explain the concepts of expert opinion and of “bottom up” size estimation. [pages 316-317]
(xxx / 2 points)Explain how to use theweighted average equation in the middle of page 317 to provide for better software size estimating.
(xxx / 2 points)Read pages 316-323. In your opinion, what is the major disadvantage to using LOC as a unit of measure for software size estimating?
(xxx/2 points)Explain how you might use Table 10-1 on pages 319-321 as a project manager?
(xxx/2 points)Explain whyestimating LOC by analogy might be problematic? [page 318]
(xxx/2 points)What is the disadvantage of using the fraction listed on page 323 to measure quality?
(xxx/2 points)After reading pages 323-338, explain your understanding of a function point.
(xxx/2 points)What is the purpose of Step 3, Apply Environmental Factors, in the function point analysis process?
(xxx/2 points)What is the point of Step 6 in function point analysis… why convert to LOC?
(xxx/2 points)Read pages 338-345. What is the basic difference between using function points and using feature points as a unit of measure for software size?
(xxx/3 points)What is the underlying theory behind estimating with Model Blitz? [pages 345-347]
(xxx/2 points)Would you consider using Wideband Delphi as a technique for estimating size and effort? Why, or why not?[pages 347-349]
(xxx/2 points)Why is it necessary to separate new, modified, and reused lines of code when developing estimates for reuse code?[page 350]

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