When should America go to War.Explain

Read Hastedt, Chapters 8-9. Glenn P. Hastedt, American Foreign Policy: Past, Present and Future. 9th Edition. (Longman, 2012). (ISBN 978-0-205-85472-1).
Post should make a substantial point that makes clear use of the readings and Scripture; one substantial paragraphs, approximately 8-10 sentences.and three excerpts from the readings and scripture with citations. Response postings can be briefer, one substantial paragraph of the same type as those for the original posts.
Reply to Nat on When should America go to War : War is one of those situations that countries should only engage in as a last resort. War is not for the faint of heart and should not be taken lightly. Countries, in general, should only engage in war if they are willing to accept the consequences, not just the rewards, of their wars. Having said this most countries do not generally want, or actually do, take responsibility for their actions. Yet, furthermore before engaging in war, the country in question needs to objectively view if the war they are about to engage in is actually a just war. Hence, should American go to war, yes, if all possible options are exhausted and it is deemed a just war, which most wars are not deemed as such.
Having opened up the topic of just war philosophy, one must ask what constitutes a just war. The Stanford encyclopedia explains the several qualifications a war must meet to be considered a just war. For starters, Just War Theory is comprised of three sections; Jus ad Bellum, Jus in Bello, and Jus post Bellum.[1] Jus ad Bellum concerns itself with the justice of resorting to war, Jus in Bello concern itself with the justice of conduct during times of war and Jus post Bellum concerns with the justice after the war.  These three sub-sections delve into details of Just War Theory.[2] Each subsection has its own prerequisites of certain criteria that a war must meet in order to be considered just under this philosophy. If American cannot meet these terms, then it should stay clear of any future war.
One reason why America should not engage I most wars is simple, currently there seems to be a negative public image not just in America but within the international community on how America is over involved. In the past, America has been involved in several wars, the most famous being the Vietnam war, that under the Just War Theory would not be considered a just war. Although America’s leaders should not solely base their opinion based on public trends, it should take their sentiments into consideration. The United States should also strive to makes its policy goals clear to the world in order to educate the public.[3] Through education and standing one’s ground, the United States may have a better chance at diplomacy versus resorting to force oriented tactics. Overall, it really is not a question of whether America should go to war rather it is a question when America should go to war.

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