Which waste is considered to be the most dangerous? Describe this waste and the problems it causes.

(b) 5S is often referred to as “visual control.” Explain why this is so.
[5 marks]

(c) There is a “hidden agenda” behind most companies’ 5S implementations.
What is this “hidden agenda”? Hence explain why 5S is usually one of the first improvement activities a company undertakes. [10 marks]

Q3. (a) List the 7 classical Wastes and give an example of each of them
[7 marks]

(b) Which waste is considered to be the most dangerous? Describe this waste and the problems it causes. [7 marks]

(c) TOYOTA defines waste as:
Anything other than the minimum amount of equipment, materials, parts and working time absolutely essential to production.
Critically analyse this statement, drawing attention to its strengths and weaknesses as a definition of waste for a manufacturing company. [12 marks]

Q2. (a) i) What is meant by the term “PVR”?
What does PVR aim to achieve?
What are the 5 steps of a typical PVR project? [10 marks]

Q2. (a) What does each “S” in the 5S system stand for? Give a brief summary of the meaning of each “S” [10 marks]

Q4) (a) what is meant by the abbreviation “FMEA”? And why is there a need for it to be used by companies? [6 marks]

Q4) (a) What, exactly, is meant by the term Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)?
[4 marks]

(b) Another popular name for SMED is QCO. What is meant by the term “QCO”?
[3 marks]

(c) Describe a 4 step procedure that could help a process or company achieve
[8 marks]

(d) Give five examples (include simple diagrams) of some typical tooling arrangements used in the 4th step.
[10 marks]

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