Words: 107
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

This paper is to be written about Walt Whitmans poem “Song of Myself”. In the opening paragraph talk about Whitmans history. Then go on to write about any 5 sections from his poem “Song of Myself” that you can crank the most information out about the many themes and elements. Make sure those 5 sections are expanded upon greatly. After Talking about the first sections theme and elements, talk about the style he uses such as language, punctuation etc…and repeat this for each section. When talking about each section for it’s theme or elements back it up with support from the text. Use the other 2 sources as references from other critics about the text or where needed. So it should be: Opening paragraph about Walt Whitman. Second paragraph Section #(whatever) Third paragraph Style of that section….You don’t have to use one paragraph for theme or style that’s just an example of the order I need. If that isn’t enough for 6 pages then you can touch on his poem “Once I pass’d through a Populous City” and talk about the theme and style and compare it to “Song of Myself”…..I repeat only if you need to make it to 6 pages. I’d also ask that you leave out the title page and heading and start from the top normally, I’ll put in the necessary information myself. Thank you.