Who was Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar and how was he different than Sam Houston?Explain

Chp 6: Blood
and Smoke

17) Who was Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar and how was he
different than Sam Houston? (note: Cynthia Ann Parker’s rescue). (pg 73-75)

18) Clarify Lamar’s policy of moving Texas westward in
keeping with the views of slavery. What did the Congress of Texas heartily
agree with Lamar? Was this agreement a public appeal for genocide? (pg

19) What happened to Chief Bowles and the Cherokees
beginning in 1839 (note: men v. women/children) (pg 76-77)

20) Discuss the advantages that the Comanches had over
the westerners. (pg 78) What was it like to be a whiteman tracking Indians in
the heart of Comancheria? (pg 80)

21) What grave mistakes did Moore make when he attacked the
Penatekas? (Honey Eaters) (pg 80-82)

22) What happened on March 19th when 35 warriors brought 32 women and children & old men to
San Antonio with only one captive (Matilda Lockhart)? Note: treatment of
Matilda, the concept “….abduction of captives was honorable warfare,” the
courthouse ultimatum, and the street fight turning into a massacre. (pg 82-87)

23) When the lone Indian woman survivor reported the news of
the massacre to the Comanches, how did they react? (pg 87)

Chp 7: Dream
Visions & Apocalypse

24) What was the “cultural pollution” of the
Penatekas? (pg 89-90)

25) What does the author mean when he talks about the
racist dismissal of the Indians and the frank astonishment that real Indians
were not like James Fenimore Cooper’s Indians (Last of the Mohicans) and
Anglocentrism? (pg 90-91)

26) What was Buffalo Hump’s vision? What was his Nermernuh
name and what does it mean? (pg 91-92)

27) Describe the Great Linnville Raid. (pg 93-96)

28) What was the established practice of the Plains Indians?
How was Buffalo Hump predictable and what happened as a result of his
predictability? (pg 97)

29) How was the Battle of Plum Creek the beginning of the shift in
fighting style and technique later used by the Texas Rangers? (pg 98-99)

30) Were white soldiers as equally unforgiving in battle as the
Indians? Note: the treatment of the dying Comanche woman and dead Comanche
warrior. (pg 99-100)

Chp 8: White

1) Who was the “White Squaw?” How did she get
the name and what do Tristan and Isolde have to do with her? Yes, you
might have to look this up on the internet when it comes to the Arthurian Legend.
(pg 102-103)

2) How pure were the Comanche bloodlines? Note:
captives & reasons. (pg 104)

3) Who was Bianca “Banc” Babb? What was her life
like in captivity, how did she get her Indian name, ransom paid for her
release, and how was her life of captivity similar to Cynthia’s Indian life?
(pg 104-107)

4) What was the name of the Indian agent from Texas
who was dispatch in 1846 to find a Comanche headman? Who was “the
greatest of the Penateka peace chiefs” that this Texan was sent to find? What
did this Texan ultimately discover? (pg 107-8)

5) What was the amount of the cash ransom offered for
Cynthia Ann? Why was the problem with Cynthia’s return to the Whiteman’s
civilization? (pg109-111)

6) What three things were killing off the Indians?
Discuss how brutal and devastating the third reason for their high rate
of deaths. (pg 112-113)

7) Who was Buffalo Hump? How large was his arc
of terror and with how did he join forces? How did the white misunderstand the
Comanches which was evident in the peace treaty of 1844 (the product of three
years’ work by Sam Houston)? (pg 114-115)

8) Discuss the family of Cynthia Ann and Peta Nocona.
Names of children, personalities, etc. (pg 117-118)

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