Why did industrialization?reinforce the need for slaves in the South?

Please write responses to all the following questions:

1. Why did industrialization?
a) reinforce the need for slaves in the South?
b) cause greater consumerism?

2. Give two reasons why were women active in reform movements and abolition in the 19th century (list 2 bullets for each reasons)

3. What were the “Mammy” and “Jezabel” slave stereotypes and why did Southerners have to create them?

4. Describe two ways in which believing in God was a form of slave resistance (list 2 bullets for each reasons) and why was running away a better way to escape slavery than rising up in rebellion?

5. What was Manifest Destiny and how was it a cause of the Civil War?

6. Why was the admission of California as a free state so controversial and why were both the North and South unhappy with the Compromise of 1850?

7. What did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott Decision and why did it push the country closer to Civil War?

8. Give three reasons why Lincoln’s victory in 1860 led to the Civil War.(list 3 bullets for each reasons)

9. Give three reasons why the South thought they could win the Civil War (list 3 bullets for each reasons)

Use only lectures and textbook to complete this assignment. Use your own words and easy words. DO NOT copy from the textbook, internet, or other people’s essays. Anyone doing this will fail the assignment( I will upload the lectures and textbook to you )

Content: Answers all the questions strong and specific examples

Analysis: Solid, extensive analysis that clearly explains significances using examples to support answers.

Structure: Solid organization with strong writing skills (topic sentences, variety of sentence structures, no grammar errors).

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