Why did the civil rights movement change course in the 1960s? Explain

Please respond to the following prompt with a formal essay that is 3-4 pages in length. You must quote from 1) the Malcolm X document on Blackboard and 2) one of the following documents from the Reading the American Past book to support your ideas. Document 27-3: “Sit-Downs: The South’s New Time Bomb, 1960” Document 28-2: “Letter from Birmingham City Jail, 1963” Document 28-3: “The Civil Rights Movement: Fraud, Sham, and Hoax, July 4, 1964” Please choose carefully based on which document best supports your arguments. You are also encouraged to use notes from lecture and discussion section. This paper is worth 15% of your final grade. Late Policy: Students turning in late papers on the due date receive a three-point penalty. Papers submitted after this date receive five-point penalties (90 = 85) for each day past the set deadline. Prompt: Why did the civil rights movement change course in the 1960s? Provide specific evidence from the above readings to back your arguments

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