Windows Network Proposal

Windows Server Proposal for Dynamic SolarYou have been hired by Dynamic Solar as an Information Technology consultant to develop a technology proposal. Dynamic Solar manufactures and distributes solar panels for the consumer market. Your job is to submit a proposal that meets their criteria.Current Implementation/Concerns: The company has three locations (San Diego, Houston, and Baltimore) but are planning to grow rapidly due to high demand in solar panels. Headquarters, along with the majority of staff, are at the San Diego offices. Data security is a priority since patent and trademarks are at stake. Baltimore and Houston sales personnel will need secure remote access to San Diegooffice. The WAN connectivity is in place and is not an issue. There is ample bandwidth in place. Feel free to make other assumptions but they need to be noted in the paper.Topics to Cover:Your document should cover the content presented in the course. The outline below contains recommended points to cover. You are free to add other related information.Describe the technical and business reasons for each choice, citing other resources as appropriate. Windows Server 2012 should be used for all aspects of the solution.The topics include:Executive Overview: What are the goals of this project? How will this project benefit Dynamic Solar?Active Directory: What forest/domain model should Dynamic Solar implement? What is the proposed domain name(s)? Where should the domain controllers be placed? Should RODCs be part of the consideration? Describe FSMO roles and their placement. Describe plans for AD backup and recovery.Group Policy: Is Group Policy needed? What settings might be considered via Group Policy?DNS: What namespace should Dynamic Solar implement?  What types of zones needed?File Services:WSUS: How will the shares be secured? Will quotas be used? FSRM be configured?  Will DFS be implemented?Remote Services: What technology will be implemented to provide secure remote access for users?  Who should have remote access? How will the servers and clients be updated?  How will new servers be deployed?Submission Requirements:There are specific requirements for the assignment: The final submission should contain at least 6 pages’ worth of text written by the student (not counting title page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations), but may be longer, not to exceed approximately 10 pages’ worth of student-supplied text. (With the required diagram, and other images, title page, etc., the final submission may end up being more than 10 pages in length.) It must be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica font. A title page is required; IEEE format for the title page is optional. At least one diagram must be included (not counted towards the minimum length described above). You can have more. The submission must cover all of the 6 major topics outlined above, as well as an Executive Overview. Each choice should be explained with technical and business reasoning. The solutions should be reasonably detailed. The structure of the final submission is flexible. There is no specific format required, although it should be organized logically and represent a single, unified solution. It is likely that the format will include separate sections for each of the 7 topics required, as well as a summary. At least one non-textbook, non-LabSim, non-Wikipedia reference is required; preferably, this would be a “best practice” guide or similar content from Microsoft or an experienced provider of Microsoft solutions. Be sure to properly quote or cite any sources used. IEEE format is required for in-text citations and the list of works cited at the end.

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