WMST 1510

a) Paper proposal (5%)

Prepare an abstract (1 page) of the paper you would like to undertake (guidelines below).  Be sure to include a brief description of the texts you will be comparing, your argument, and the key concepts and ideas you plan to use. This abstract is a rough draft or guideline for your final paper – it is intended to help you focus your ideas, and get you thinking about your project well in advance of its due date.  Feedback on this proposal will guide you in writing your final paper.


b) Paper (20%)

For this paper (6-8 pages), you will need to compare and contrast at least two cultural texts: one ‘mass culture’ text and another ‘feminist’ text.  Using at least one key concept we have discussed in class, analyze the representation of gender, race, class and/or sexuality in your mass culture text versus your feminist text.

Mass Culture: for the purposes of this assignment means television, wide release film, music videos, popular novels, popular music and so on.

“feminist” text: for the purposes of this assignment mean any film, performance, visual art, music, writing, spoken word, dance and so on that attempts to subvert, problematize, highlight cultural and societal injustices, inaccuracies and/or oppressions. You will need to make an argument as to how and why the text is feminist.


Do not oversimplify your analysis just to set the texts in opposition. It is better to tease out the complicated overlaps rather than set up false dichotomies.


What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short statement that describes a larger work. It should contain the thesis, background and conclusion. You can briefly describe the cultural texts that you will investigate and how you will proceed with research. The language you use in the abstract should be formal – the same language style you will use in your final paper. In an abstract, you don’t need to include quotations from other sources or define terms. You are abstracting your own work. Making a condensed version of what you will write about in the final paper. It is very important that the language in your abstract sets the tone for the writing in your paper. Please take extra care with editing and revisions. Your abstract should be no more than 400 words. Please include a bibliography for any works cited.

Helpful places to find feminist texts:


Carey Lovelace, “Together, Again: Women’s Collaborative Art and Community”

The Feminist Art Base: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/feminist_art_base/index.php

The Feminist Art Project http://feministartproject.rutgers.edu/home/

Canadian Women Artist History Initiative http://cwahi.concordia.ca/

W.A.R. Women, Art, Revolution film available at SMIL

F.A.G. Feminist Art Gallery


Feminist Porn Archives


No More Potlucks 

Grrrl Zine Database: http://grrrlzines.net/database.htm

Queer Zine Archive:

*these are suggestions to get you going on your research. You are not restricted to finding feminist texts at these locations.




Using any source whatsoever – including the Internet – without clearly documenting it is a serious academic offence.  Consequences include failure on the assignment, failure in the course and possible suspension or expulsion from the university.  You must document not only direct quotations but also paraphrases and ideas where they appear in your text.  In referencing sources please use the MLA or Chicago style method of notation and bibliography.


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