Women studies and genders

For this assignment, you are asked to watch the video Killing us Softly 3 by Jean Kilbourne. After viewing the video, find an ad from a magazine (the lecture on the body will provide you with examples to start your search), then use the video and your two texts for the course to analyse your choice. Be sure to begin with a clear and detailed description of your ad; do not allow the copy of the ad you have included with your assignment to speak for itself. In your analysis, you may want to address some of the following questions: How are women objectified? What sex roles are women assigned? How are values implied through the use of race, gender, ethnicity, class, age, ability, etc.? What kind of heterosexual relationship do advertisements often create? How is power assigned sex roles through advertising?This assignment asks you to go one step further, by examining the influence of advertising on you personally and your self-worth, but also how you believe advertising affects other women and perhaps even men. This paper should be two or three double-spaced typed pages. Include your ad with your essay. You are required to use articles from your texts to support your argument. Remember to cite all sources and include a bibliography.

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