working memory span

The task is to write a journal-style report on the data from our experiment on memory span. In this experiment, participants were given a list of items and asked to recall the list. The list length was varied to see at what list length participants will make few errors. Participants were presented with a range of visual stimuli representing either a string of letters, numbers or words. The items of each list flashed sequentially on the screen for a brief amount of time. Participants were asked to recall the string of items in order by pressing the correct sequence among a range of choices shown on the screen using the computer mouse. There were 30 trials to this experiment. Review of relevant literature required to build up a rationale for your study culminating with the specific aims and hypotheses. Include separate subsections: i.e., Design, Participants, Materials and Procedure. A basic interpretation of where significant differences or relationships were/were not and direction of these differences/relationships: inferential statistics must be interpreted in relation to descriptive statistics. Compare and interpret results in light of previous theory/literature. Explain carefully exactly how limitations may have affected the results.

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