world history

Long essay: students are required to write a lengthy essay that has a thesis statement, a lengthy analysis of several documents related to a historical theme assigned to each section, and a conclusion. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of the Grading Rubric provided below. Please read instructions on page 3 carefully before you submit all of your papers.

STUDENTS MUST WRITE PAPERS and DOCUMENT ANALYSES IN THEIR OWN WORDS. Failure to do this constitutes plagiarism, which means: Improper use of anothers ideas or language. Paraphrasing closely without giving credit or using original phrases or words without quotation marks are definitely examples of plagiarism. Academic and legal penalties are severe and can include a failing grade in the course, expulsion, and even denial of college degrees. Be scholarly and honest.


1. appearance: papers must be typed and double-spaced. Leave 1 1/2 inch margins all around.

2. content: the long paper assignment will ask you to interpret and analyze selected documents in MyHistory Lab. Quotes from the documents must figure prominently in your essays. Quotes from the narrative portions of the Craig textbook are also required, as they will enable you to make solid observations about the era in question.

3. structure of paper: unless you are an acknowledged expert in the art of essay writing, you will help your cause by outlining your ideas before you write them out in your final draft. Please use this tried and true format for your papers: introduction, supporting evidence of main theme, and a conclusion (remember: a conclusion concludes; it does not summarize).

4. sources: students are to use only two sources: the Craig text and the documents in MyHistory Lab. Other books and textbooks or Internet sites MAY NOT be consulted unless specifically required by the teaching assistant. Papers going beyond these sources will NOT be accepted.

5. proper quotations vs. plagiarism: once again, your papers must be written in your own words.

6. It is NOT necessary to include a bibliography or works cited page, but MLA IN-TEXT SOURCE CITATIONS MUST BE INCLUDED, OR THE PAPER WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AN F.

If you use an authors opinion in his/her own words, you are required to use quotation marks and the proper source citation. MLA in-text citations MUST be used for example: (Craig, p. 64) (Please note: a bibliography or source cited page is NOT required). Please consult the Hult writing guide.
Again, papers submitted without source citations will automatically receive a grade of F.

– If you paraphrase an authors idea in your own words, you must include a source citation at the end of the paraphrase with the author referred to and the page in his/her text. Remember, a correct paraphrase involves far more than changing one or two of the authors original words in a quote.

– If the authors opinion exceeds two sentences, the quote must be indented (5 spaces) and single-spaced, and a source citation should be put at the end of the quote.

*if you are uncertain about these issues, please consult one of the members of the teaching staff.

Failure to abide by these rules constitutes plagiarism. Once again, plagiarism constitutes an academic irregularity, and subject to provisions cited under the heading of academic irregularity in the
Undergraduate Catalog. Students found guilty of plagiarism face penalties ranging from failure in the course to expulsion from the University. PLAGIARISM FROM THE COURSE TEXTS, OTHER PRINTED SOURCES, OR THE INTERNET, WILL BE VIGOROUSLY PROSECUTED.

6. writing: all papers must be written in correct English. They will be graded not only on the basis of content but on writing as well. Watch spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and word usage because they count in your grade.

The papers comprise a crucial part of your overall grade in this course. Students writing skills are expected to improve during the semester. Repetition of the same errors will result in a lower grade

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