Write 150 words about Apple music.

This is a group article, I need to write part is Section B/ Evaluation Plan/Assessment Measures (Identify the measurement methodology that will be used to determine results ) Here is the head of my tips, only need write 150 words. it is about Apple music. This is my team members gave me a hint (You must combine Apple’s music to answer this question, thank you! ! ! !)

This means talking about what types of market research we can use to see if our advertising is successful. Read chapter 18 before you get started for more ideas!!! Think about data like Nielsen that we talked about in our 352 class with Palmer too.
Its basically asking, if you put a commercial on tv (or radio or print or any other source we are using) how do you know if it is reaching the right people, the right number of people and getting across the right message? Basically, what data do we have that proves we are successful or not?
You do not need to refer to other sources of information

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