Write a 500-word (minimum) NARRATIVE essay Make sure your introduction has both a hook and a strong thesis.

Write a 500-word (minimum) NARRATIVE essay Make sure your introduction has both a hook and a strong thesis. When you are done writing, revising, and editing your essay.
What will I look for?

Narration: A personal story with a purpose (think the moral of this story is . . .), chronologically told, with a good introduction, transitions, and conclusion. It should be descriptive, but focused on the story. It should not be just any story; it needs a strong purpose. Your vacation to Disney World last summer is probably unexciting and hard to narrate in an interesting way unless you learned a lifes lesson on that trip. Do NOT write about the following: a death, a birth, a wedding, or a funeral. They are all over-done, tired topics and students rarely have anything fresh to say about these kinds of events. The topic should cover only a short period of time–not weeks, months, or years. Some good topics Ive had in the past:

My First Hunting Trip
When My Five-Year-Old Self Ran Away From Home
My Grandmothers Balloon From Heaven

Essays must have the following requirements in order to make a 70 or above:
1. MLA heading (do NOT put the heading in a header type it in on the first page only of the essay)
2. Unique Title
3. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12
4. 500 words, minimum
5. A clear introduction and conclusion
6. A thesis that clearly indicates the narration mode.

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